• What is the Carrousel used for ?

    • To present you the latest information about this website. By clicking on the button you will be directed to the catalog filtered with all the concerned documents.
  • What kind of documents are accessible via our catalog ?

    • In this catalog you can find videos and pdf documents. You can browse them by clicking on the eye icon or download them on your device by clicking on the download icon.
  • How do I search a document using the search options ?

    • You can filter the results by selecting one or several Aircraft families. If none is indicated i twill search within all the documents.
    • You can also filter by using keywords. Start typing in the field box and you will see a list of keywords appearing. You can select one or several to increase the number of result (if associated with the OR) or decrease the number of result (if associated with the AND).
    • Once you have chosen your filters click on the search button to see your results.
  • What to do when I see an alert ?

    • When you see an alert in the top menu please read it. It will always be very important information about our website or about something you should really be aware of.
  • What is a suggestion ?

    • We are willing to take any remark from you so feel free to send us any comment about our website look or content. We will not respond to you directly but please be sure that we will take it into consideration.
  • What is the Extras page for ?

    • The extra page is there to show you special videos. It is not part of the catalog but we fancy that you will enjoy watching them.